Mini Home Makeover in Lake Barrington

Last week we worked on a 4400 square foot home in Lake Barrington. Two of the features of this home that need lots of attention were the fireplace and the bookshelves in the kitchen.

The fireplace was comprised of pinkish salmon colored bricks and the homeowner was not happy with them. I suggested glazing the bricks and the result was a very convincing brick composed of colors that much better compliment the palette of colors in their new home. To make the new bricks look convincing, I had to start with a base coat that resembles a cement color. One coat of Benjamin Moore Aura Matte finish was applied with a ½ inch nap roller. Matte paint was selected because real bricks are not shiny. Next I applied a coat of Matte finish Alexandria beige with a flat sponge being careful to brush the surface of the bricks but not to dip into the mortar lines of the bricks.

The next step was to cover 2/3 of the bricks with a semi-transparent coat of matte dark gray glaze. You then follow up with an Alexandria glaze over 1/2 of the bricks. The final step is to hit the edges of the brick with a frost coat. For this coat I applied Linen white with a dry brush in a sweeping motion which allows the paint to only stick to raised areas and edges of the bricks. This final step really ties the layers together and it is the multiple layers that creates a convincing finished product. If attempting to do this on your own it is always good to do a test area and take notes on your process documenting liquid mixture ratios and coverage percentages.

Lake-Barrington-Painting-EarthTone-Decorating_1444 Lake-Barrington-Painting-EarthTone-Decorating_1445

The book shelves in the kitchen were a golden oak color which is a dated look. Anyone can paint cabinets white but I will describe the process we used that will ensure a durable finish that will not chip.

Step one- every inch of the surface has to be sanded with 120 grit sandpaper to create a tooth in the glass like surface of the poly-urethane finish to insure adhesion. Second we used Benjamin Moore Fresh Start oil based primer two times. Before painting we made sure all cracks were caulked and imperfections were sanded off. Finally we applied two coats of Benjamin Moore Oil Impervo finish. If these steps are followed and quality materials are used, a long lasting finish will be the result.

Lake-Barrington-Painting-EarthTone-Decorating_1447 Lake-Barrington-Painting-EarthTone-Decorating_1446