Wallpaper & Bathrooms

This week we did two wallpaper applications in Inverness in two bathrooms. In the first bath we did a geometric line column patterned paper and in the second the paper has a tight geometric pattern of squares and circle that actually has a texture with a raised metallic surface. Wallpaper master, Nino, did a remarkable job and these rooms now have a durable finish that will look great and fresh years beyond a paint job. Wallpaper application has many pros but also has some cons to consider before committing to this expensive process.

Wallpaper is a great way to make a design statement in a room. In addition to applying a complex pattern to a wall, wallpaper provides a washable durable veneer to walls that will last longer than a paint job. However, patterns tend to look dated after so many years. People tend to keep wallpaper up long past it’s contemporary appeal because it is not only expensive to put up but also to remove.

A good wallpaper job starts with the proper preparation. This means making sure the walls are free of bumps cracks and then sealed with wallpaper sizing or primer like Zinsser Shields. The sizing is not going to affect the application of the paper significantly but it aids in creating a waterproof barrier that makes removing the paper much easier. If The walls are not sized the wallpaper will come off with the drywall which will be time consuming and or costly.

If you are considering wallpaper application and doing it you self you should have patients and an eye for detail. It is not easy to perform a flawless application. If you are hiring a professional make sure to get references and make sure the proper preparation is performed. It is also important to consider the cost involved in removing the paper the next time you look to update the room.

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