Bathroom Remodels Done Right!

Recently we completed two full bathroom remodels. The tile in both baths had to be replaced because it was failing in places and it was time for an update for the new home owner. The substrate, which was used for the old tile we removed, was green board drywall. There were leaks where the tile had failed and water had been leaking on the drywall outside the shower. When we removed the drywall, we found a significant amount of mold behind the wall that had to be treated with bleach. The original builder did not use high end materials and the result was a shower that only lasted 12 years.

We used every precaution to make sure the new tile was going to withstand the test of time by using Regard membrane on top of Hardie Backer board. We also used a two layer membrane for the shower pan that was built.

We built shelves into both of the showers for shampoo and soap. New shower fixtures were installed as well as a Kohler sliding glass door. We tiled to the ceiling for a contemporary look and added a band of mosaic tiles that gave the showers a bit of color.

The tile that was laid for these baths was very difficult. One bath had 24×12 inch tile on the floor and the other used 20×20 inch tiles on the walls. You would think large tile would mean less to lay and an easier project, but that is far from the case. If one end of a large tile is tilted 1/10 of a degree on one side it shows up on the other side. Another problem when laying this size tile on the wall is their weight and tendency to slide downward or compress. Laying this size tile is a grueling process that requires patience and a large budget.

One of the showers had a door that opened in an undesirable direction so we installed a pocket door. Upon opening the wall up, it was discovered that some electrical had to be moved around to accommodate the door, but the home owner approved it. It turned out great and saved a lot room.

Upon finishing, we painted the rooms in Benjamin Moore Regal Select eggshell finish.

Bathroom-Remodels-Tile-Work_1730 Bathroom-Remodels-Tile-Work_1731 Bathroom-Remodels-Tile-Work_1732