One of the things that sets Earthtone Decorating apart from other painting companies is our preparation and cleanliness. A flawless and clean painting project depends on proper preparation. What I mean by clean is that all lines are crisp and there is no bleed through where tape lines were set. The other purpose of preparation is to protect homeowners possessions from dust and damage.

When we start work in an area, we begin by covering the floor from wall to wall. Hardwood floors are protected with rosin paper, a treated paper that resists penetration of paint if there is a spill. 3M Blue tape is used to adhere the paper to the floor because it has a light tackiness that will not damage the floor’s finish. We then drape plastic over all furniture covering it completely to ensure air born dust does not settle on its surface.

Blue tape is also used on baseboards once they have been painted to create a sharp line where the wall color ends. Using blue tape on sides of door frames and ceilings may seem like a good idea, but in fact causes paint runs and bleed through that you often see in sloppy or non-professional work.

Blue tape is used when creating sheen striped walls. The important thing to remember if you are going to attempt a sheen striped wall is that the preparation of drywall patches must include two coats of primer. Once the wall is coated you should wait at least 24 hours before applying tape because if you don’t you are running the risk of the tape pulling the paint off of drywall patches.

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