Custom work in Barrington Hills

​Custom work is our speciality and two examples we offer are color matching and a tile back splash. This week​,​ we did a wallpaper job in Barrington ​H​ills for a customer that we’ve done work for many times. The first job we did for her was removing some freshly installed wallpaper that was not hung ​correctly​. It was ​done​ pretty ​well, but not perfectly​ ​as ​some of the seams needed to be tighter and the ceiling lines were off. ​ The homeowner has had us back on at least ​five different​ occasions to hang ​wall​paper ​due to our attention to detail and overall execution​.

Nino, our primary installer,​ did a wonderful job installing this classic​ leaf​ design and ​ ​also suggested ​color matching the blue from the ​wall​paper​ to paint the ceiling, which we had custom match​ed​ at Epco ​P​aint ​in ​Barrington. The homeowner will never have to pay to hang ​wall​paper twice because we make sure all is flawless the first time!

Custom-Color-Match-Wallpaper-Backsplash_2486 Custom-Color-Match-Wallpaper-Backsplash_2487 Custom-Color-Match-Wallpaper-Backsplash_2488

​At another job in Barrington, we also did a custom back splash pattern​ ​with travertine and mosaic glass tiles. A designer came up with the pattern and we executed it. The tiles were laid staggered like brickwork on the rest of the back splash,​ which gave ​it​ another element of complexity. ​For questions and/or to discuss design ideas for your custom job, contact Mike today!​