Wallpapered Dining Room in Barrington, IL

One of the top design trends for 2014…wallpaper is here to stay! We receive many requests for wallpaper and with all of the design options on the market today, the final design never disappoints. This week, we installed a chocolate-colored vintage leaf patterned wallpaper throughout a dining room in Barrington, Illinois. Before starting, we had to remove the old wallpaper that had been on the walls for over ten years. The paper came off extremely easily, which is rare. To ensure a similar removal experience for the next installer, we primed the walls with Zinsser wallpaper primer that was tinted at Epco in Barrington. We tinted the primer so in the event that the paper shrinks, we will not see a white line in between sheets. Our amazing wallpaper installer did a fantastic job with the installation and the homeowner was very pleased. If you’re interested in talking about how wallpaper could be used throughout your home, call Mike today!